Are you feeling FOX’s “Glee”?

September 29, 2009

Glee cast

It is approximately four episodes into FOX’s latest teen-angst primetime TV show, “Glee”.  This show is filled with some of the most cliched storylines of all time:  the extremely popular, handsome quarterback wants to be more than just an athlete, the nerdy glee club leader is really quite cute under her dorky apparel, a teacher’s wife fakes a pregnancy to keep her husband from ending their marriage.  But just when I feel myself cringing in despair over the lameness of “Glee”, in enters the cast of misfit characters that keep me engaged episode after episode: the artfully dressed and hypochondriac school counselor, the sadistic cheerleading coach, the ultra-feminine male glee club member, and the fabulous peace-keeping principal.

Glee logo“Glee’s” main premise is reviving a dying glee club, fueled by the Spanish teacher, a former glee club star himself.  Set to an eclectic mix of new music, and oddly chosen older songs, “Glee” executes wonderfully choreographed song and dance numbers woven intermittently between the side stories of love, loss, and plenty of high school backstabbing.  Perhaps the diverse subject matter covered in each episode is an attempt to win a wider viewing audience, and perhaps it is also smart screenwriting.  I cannot place what the appeal of “Glee” is for me personally yet, but this show has definitely gotten my attention.

View “Glee” Wednesdays on FOX after “So You Think You Can Dance”.


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